Message from the Board

The board of the Trey Foote Foundation is very excited about the research Dr. Davis is doing and believe she will make a difference in the way Children are treated for cancer. Dr. Davis is a gifted researcher and needs our support.

100% of your contributions to the Trey Foote Foundation will go towards funding Dr. Davis’s research and your donation is 100% tax deductible.

  • Tissue bank application and database project
  • Higher rates of Osteosacoma in Southwest Washington
  • Keller Lab Team Research project on Osteosarcoma
  • Why is this research different?

Dr. Lara Davis with Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Pediatric Cancer Biology (PCB) program is very passionate about changing they way we are fighting and treating pediatric cancer. Dr. Davis is thinking outside the box. Her goal is to create individual, customized, treatment protocols for every child undergoing cancer treatment. Her approach is simple but eloquent in its simplicity. Dr. Davis has begun research that cultures every child’s cancer in the lab before treatment begins. She then tests the different Chemotherapies to see which combination is most the effective in killing the tumor. From there she will design a customized treatment plan based on what she knows will be the most effective for each individual patient.