The 10-person board of directors is 100% volunteer. No member is ever compensated for their time. Our board is made up of professionals in High Tech, Cyber Security, Education, marketing, public relations, and pharmaceuticals sales. Each member is elected and serves a 5-year term.

Foundation President

James J. Foote

Jim Foote is a 28 year veteran of the high tech industry and has worked with ADP the majority of his career. Currently he serves as Vice President and Chief Business Security Officer for ADP. In his career he has held executive positions in Operations, IT and Research and Development. Jim prides himself as an out-of-the-box big picture thinker, a problem solver, and is determined to eradicate cancer. His mission is to continue the fight against cancer for those who can no longer fight for themselves.  His motto is “live life!” and “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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Foundation VP/Secretary

Lea E. Foote

Lea Foote’s calling in life is to work with Kids. As a stay at home Mom for for the first 22 years of her career she won top honors being everything a kid could hope for in a mom; From a warm breakfast in the morning, homemade lunches, to warm cookies when they got home. She also spent 20 years working in the Vancouver school as a volunteer, Paraeducator, Substitute Secretary, Clerk, Room Mom, Team Mom, Dr. Mom, and just about everything else with the word Mom; she did it all. Lea is currently the Administrative Clerk at Seaton Catholic College Preparatory School in Vancouver Washington. Lea’s motto is “Happiness is a choice, so be happy.”

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Foundation Marketing Officer

Preston Nolan

Preston Nolan is a graduate from Washington State University. As owner and CEO of Grasp Social, his task is to create and execute strategies for companies seeking to engage their core customers through social media. His areas of focus are: brand building, digital advertising, consumer engagement and community management. Preston was a football teammate of Trey and close friend.


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Foundation Trustee

Charles Young

Charles Young has worked at Sage Products LLC for 23+ years in Chicago, IL. He has held various positions in Sales and Marketing, Strategy, Executive Management and is currently Vice President of Corporate Accounts.  Charles is passionate about serving God, his family, kids, and fighting cancer. Charles also serves on the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association Board – serving 13 park districts for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. A mission statement that helps keep his values intact is:

“Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” – John Wooden

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Foundation Trustee

Edwin T. Little

Ed T. Little is currently the President/Principal of Seton Catholic College Preparatory in Vancouver, Washington.  He has 38 years of experience as an educator, scholar and presenter. Ed is known as a true people person. Building “life-long” friends and colleagues has been a passion for him. Ed is an effective leader who has demonstrated his ability to grow his staff members into highly effective and efficient teams. He has exceptional interpersonal skills and is known for looking for the best in others. Ed has been recognized for his leadership and has been selected as Administrator of the Year in the Vancouver School District, Clark County Columbian Newspaper Principal of the Year, Past President of Washington State University Alumni Association, and the President of the National Coalition for Equity in Education. Ed believes that all of us must create learning environments where all students have self worth, dignity, and success. Ed is a collaborate leader who nurtures, guides, and organizes his staff for success.

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Foundation Trustee

Mark T. Rankin

Mark Rankin has spent his career in the high tech industry as a leader, visionary and pioneer in software application development. He has been with ADP for the last 14 years as Vice President of R&D. He is a passionate outdoorsman, builder, craftsman, sharpshooter, and a modern age renaissance man.


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Board Member

Trevor W. Foote

Trevor Foote is a graduated from Boise State and Washington State University with a degree in IT and Supply Chain Management. He is an avid mountain biker, outdoorsmen, hunter and all around adrenaline junkie. If it flys through the air Trevor is willing to try it.


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Board Member

Amanda L. Foote

Amanda Foote is a graduate from Washington State University. Amanda is a member of Alpha Phi Sorority and held multiple leadership position.  She is a Digital Marketing Analyst for Mambo Media where she manages client’s online reputation, develops social media campaigns, and conducts in-depth demographic research.


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Board Member

Ben Haugen

Ben Haugen has spent the majority of his life in Vancouver, WA.  He moved to Vancouver in 7th grade and immediately struck up a friendship with his neighbor, Trey Foote.  After attending Skyview High School, Ben took his talents to Pullman and enrolled at Washington State University.  He earned a degree in Sports Management, which, pairs well with his love of Sports. He graduated from WSU then spent a year as a Group Sales Intern with the Portland Trail Blazers then worked a season as a Ticket Sales Intern. He currently works for Nabisco as a merchandiser.  He is not sure whether he wants to continue working in sports but, he is quite excited for what the future holds!

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Board Member

Kyle Watts

Kyle Watts is a graduate from Washington State University where he earned a degree in business. Kyle is a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. His core values are; truth, courage, faith, and power and is committed to a life of excellence. Kyle is an Account Executive at TLG Learning in Bellevue Washington.  He was a close friend of Trey’s.


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